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Creating Your Story in Stone




Hand Carvings:  An image can be hand-sculpted within a recessed area or sculpted out of the whole stone to provide a three-dimensional design.  Statuary work is also included within this category which is done in full relief.

Shaped Carvings:  The outline of the design is carved and the interior is shaped to create a relief to the design.  This customization is generally used for flowers. Roses are the only flower which require additional hand-tooling in the finishing process.

Flat Carvings:  The name or design is carved into the face of the stone.  These carvings are just as deep as shaped carvings, but are two dimensional, not three.  The carving can have an axed surface, where the polish on the granite is removed.  This creates a contrasted area where the carving is cut deeper to emphasize the design.

Etchings: One of our customization techniques involves etching an image directly into the granite. This is done by removing the polish with a diamond tipped drummel tool or laser.  These etchings will not fade and will last forever. 

Click on the different carving types in bold to see examples of each.


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