Cremation Options

Bury Remains in a Lot at a Cemetery

  1. Add name to existing family stone
  2. Place a flat marker for loved one, customized and personalized.
  3. Purchase a lot for loved one to erect an upright memorial of some sort (multi-piece, monolith, tablet, boulder, bench, etc.)

Inter in an Individual Cremation Memorial

– Cremation remains are interred in the personalized stone as opposed to in the ground.

Inter in a Communal Columbarium

– Cremation remains are interred usually in a large wall at a cemetery in which you purchase a niche. They can be indoors or outdoors.

Scatter in a Cremation Garden

– Cremation remains are scattered in a designated section of a cemetery or other designated area in which they may allow many different options for memorializing.


Scatter in a Place of Significance

– Cremated remains are scattered at sea or in a place that was special to the individual. Memorial options include:

  1. Set up a memorial at home (benches, urns, etc.)
  2. Donate a bench, bird bath, sun dial, etc. to a public area in memory of your loved one. (pictured at top left)
  3. Make a bronze or granite plaque that can be displayed in memory of you loved one. (pictured at top right)
  4. Regardless of what you decide, one of the biggest advantages to cremation over full body burial is that you can take your time to decide. When you are ready, Quincy Memorials will be here to help you.