10 Memorial Pricing Factors


The different types of memorials are markers, slants, uprights, benches, above ground crypts and mausoleums. Each have different pricing based on the size and difficulty of manufacturing and installing.


Monuments weigh a lot. The bigger the stone, the more they weigh and the harder they are to handle and transport.


Pricing is determined by rarity, country of origin, and how easy it is to quarry quality pieces. One color pink can vary in pricing from another color pink.


The most common shape is serpentine. It has straight ends and a slightly belled shaped top. As the design gets more intricate, the price increases. Custom shapes such as heart shaped, cross shaped, book top, and columns are also more expensive.


Most memorials are polished on the front and back. Some are polished on the top, sides and in some cases a 2” polished margin on the base for extra sharpness. Be prepared to pay extra for this polishing. Aside from the sharper look, polished stones are easier to clean and stay cleaner longer.

Type of Carving/Design

There are 5 major types of carvings: flat, shape, extra deep, sculpture and etching. Sculptures are the most expensive due to the fact they are hand-sculpted and take many more man hours. Flat carvings are the least expensive but do not have the same depth and feel that the slightly more expensive shaped carvings have. Not everything can be or should be shaped though. Extra deep carvings are best used with roses and are worth the extra expense in how realistic and beautiful they turn out. Etchings, which are priced similar to shaped carvings, are great for custom pictures. However in order for them to show brilliantly they must be done on a darker, more expensive stone.


Some places will allow you a certain amount of letters or words for an epitaph. Others will charge extra. This is because one person’s idea of an epitaph is much different from another’s. One person may want a four word epitaph and another may want a four line poem. In most cases if an epitaph is included, they will limit the amount of letters you can use. They will then charge by the letter if it is over.


Fonts in general do not vary in pricing but there are some that require more steps in order to be done right. You will pay slightly more for raised letters or gold leaf lettering.

Additional Products

There are many different products you can choose from to help decorate your stone. Memorial display cases, porcelain portraits, vigil lights, vases, flag holders, or wreath brackets are just a few that can be purchased to enhance your stone.



Note What is Included in Price

Some companies will have a price for the stone and will itemize each part of the monument. Other companies will have an all-inclusive price for the monument, design, family name, deceased name and dates, epitaph, as well as installation. Most places will separate the tax and cemetery foundation charge due to the fact it is different at every cemetery and is paid through to them.