10-Step Guide to Designing a Memorial

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This will help prepare you with information, examples, and ideas before you speak with a memorial design specialist.


Information we will need from your cemetery

The information below will allow us to guide you through the monument order process easier and more efficiently. If you don’t have it, we can work with your cemetery or location to find this information with you.

  1. Name of cemetery or location of where memorial is to be placed.
  2. Type of cemetery plot. Examples: single lots, single (double deep), double (side by side), 3 lots or more (family), cremation, etc.
  3. Plot number and section of your plot. This will most likely be on the Deed to the plot. If you can, please bring the Deed with you to your appointment.
  4. Size restrictions from the cemetery for your monument, if known. QMI can help you determine this if you do not have this information.
  5. Signature of the current lot owner or person signing of behalf of owner to allow QMI to perform the installation. We will have you sign before we begin production.
  6. QMI collects cemetery foundation fees (if required by cemetery) on your behalf to simplify the process for you. We will let you know ahead of time what to expect for this cost and include this price in your final cost.
  7. Total number of people to be interred in the plot and reflected on the monument. This allows us to design the layout for the amount of lettering expected.

Type of Memorial

Click on the links below to view examples of different types of memorials. We can help you determine what styles are allowed at your cemetery.

Upright Monuments

Standard 2 PiecesMonoliths |TabletsBouldersRose QuartzGreen Quartz

Markers (Flat, Beveled, Slant)

Flat Grave MarkersBevelsSlantsBronze Markers


Cremation Memorials



Bronze Dedication Plaques


Size of Memorial

Size pertains to the overall dimensions of the monument. Each cemetery has its own restrictions and regulations for each lot. It would be best to find out what size monument is allowed in your selected lot before you go any further. We will help you determine this if you don’t have this information.

Color/Material of Monument

Granite is the most durable stone used for memorials, rated a 7/10 on the Moh’s scale (used to gauge hardness of substances). There are many different kinds/colors of granite in the world and there are new forms of granite being discovered all the time. Pricing is determined by rarity, country of origin, and how easy it is to quarry quality pieces. View the colors of granite we currently offer by following the link here.


Shape/Top of Memorial

These days options for memorials are almost limitless. Options include shaping a stone to almost any form. Click on the links below to view some samples of shaped memorials. We also welcome any photographs you have of memorial shapes and styles that you would like to emulate in your own.

Finish of Memorial

There are 4 main types of finish: Polished, Steeled (Unpolished), Honed, and Rough. A stone can be all polished, steeled, honed, or rough or can be any combination of all finishes. Click below to see some examples of each.


Carving/Design/Etching on Memorial

There are 5 types of carvings: Flat, Shaped, Extra-Deep, Sculpture, and Etching. Click below to see some examples of each.


Lettering/Font on Memorial

Lettering pertains to the font and size of lettering on the memorial. Click on the links below to view different choices for font and lettering styles.

Layout, Panels, Additional Names, Future Names, & Epitaphs

Here you will determine how your lettering layout will be. Will you have full dates or just years, (Maiden) names, “Nick” names, and Future space for additional names or Epitaphs?

Not all layouts will work with all memorials, but QMI will assist.



Additional Memorial Features

Click the links below to view additional products available for your memorial.