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Selecting a memorial is an expression of love and respect for the life of a person.  Whether the selection is made by family or friends after a death or as part of a pre-need plan, the memorial is a tribute to the life of an individual and is a source of satisfaction and comfort to those who are left behind to remember.  Symbols - The Universal Language has been designed as a resource for memorial retailers and others in the industry who have assumed the responsibility of assisting their clients in the selection and design of an appropriate family memorial.  This information is in no sense comprehensive.  There are thousands of symbols and emblems, both sacred and secular, that may be appropriate for a memorial.  The same is true of epitaphs;  the sources for fitting epitaphs are endless. 

Selecting a Memorial - the Basics

Selecting and designing a personal memorial is a unique opportunity to create a work of art that will express the personality of a special person for generations today and tomorrow.  In making the decisions necessary to create this person memorial, these basics are important to know:


Memorials are lasting genealogical records for families and are a lasting symbol of special lives that are remembered and commemorated.


Memorials range in size from small single grave flush markers to large family mausoleums; the most popular being the traditional upright memorial consisting of a tablet and base.  Cemeteries have guidelines and regulations concerning memorial shapes, sizes, and installation, and it is important to be aware of these restrictions.


Most person memorials are manufactured from granite or marble  both are hard and durable stones that will last for many years with proper care and maintenance.

Shape and Finish

Memorials are available in many shapes from modest to unique and in many finishes from rough hewn to mirror-like polishes.  Personal preference certainly plays a role in these decisions and they should be made so that the memorial will harmonize with and complement the landscape and adjacent memorials.


The family memorial is a final tribute to a special person and it should be of the finest quality in every respect.  Careful consideration results in a lasting and appropriate tribute that will endure through the years.


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