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:  These structures are buildings often with stained glass windows and bronze doors.  These buildings vary in size from preassembled crypts to quite large architectural wonders.  Within this category are also niche columbariums used exclusively for cremations.

Upright:  These are typically a two piece memorial consisting of an upright piece, called a die, and a base.  They can be any shape and personalized in any way.

:  A bench made out of granite or marble.  These can serve as enduring memorials dedicating a park or other suitable location.  They can also be used as cemetery memorials. 

Marker:  These stand typically fourteen to eighteen inches above the ground, with the back of the stone straight vertical, and the front sloping at about a 45 degree angle.  They typically have top and front nosings, eliminating the need for a base.

Top Marker:  These markers are generally not recommended by most cemeteries as they provide mowing hazards.  These are generally six, eight, ten, or twelve inches above the ground, with the back of the stone being slightly higher than the front.

Flush Marker:  These are flush with the ground.  They are generally twenty-four inches by twelve inches, but can be larger or smaller depending upon cemetery requirements or preexisting family lot memorials.

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