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In addition to religious symbols such as Crosses or Star of David designs, flowers are often used to decorate memorials.  The following list contains many of the floral symbols used today.

ROSE - Love, devotion, beauty and perfection
PANSY - Meditation, tenderness and thoughtful recollection
PINE CONES - Stability, fidelity, immortality of the soul, boldness
LILY - Marriage, beauty and immortality
EVENING PRIMROSE - Lasting love, eternal remembrance
IVY - Fidelity, immortality, undying affection
GRAPES & LEAVES - Christ and his followers, faith, and religious truths
ANEMONE - Immortality, resurrection
MORNING GLORY - Resurrection, farewell, bonds of love
DOGWOOD - Devine sacrifice, triumph of eternal life
LAUREL - Distinction, success, special achievement
CALLA LILY - Marriage, majestic beauty




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